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    I have positive experience as for trading with this broker, spreads are tight and execution is good, expecially for lattest time. About withdraws, i get withdrawal of funds by each request and that is the most important for me, and i still make constant profits and thus earn with the market, which can be not with every broker. Their services are good in general so I am used to trust gainsy and pleased with everything so far. And by the way, even under strong volatility orders are processed well and spreads remain quite tight, although they are floating. I don’t know what about negative review that dont even seem to be real, maybe people must learn how to trade first, but of course everybody has right for own opinion.

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    gainsy is professional scam company cheated lots of people and i dont know how cum skrill is encourageing this scammer. already informed skrill not to market scammer if nothing is done about it i will inform regulation.

    coming to gainsy.

    with fifth digit 2 spread how can they offer such bonus. not only that software gets freezed for few seconds when order is placed and order gets confirmed 10 to 20 pips away from market. and sometimes price which market didnt reach and they make 100usd to 200usd in one lot order. and payouts i have never seen anyone getting payout from this company. they ask for appostile and when submitted they give some non-sense reason and close the account and just return the deposit. my own family got cheated by gainsy for 30000usd and non were taking action against them. they ask to install tools bar for bonus tell me why does a company ask to install tools bar for bonus whats the idea behind it… they track system activities with that tools bar. i even have chat confirmation of gainsy ex-employee about gainsy scam activities.

    all i want to say is check reviews about gainsy company online you will be shocked to see and no one is doing anything about it. and more over i have learned one thing st vincent and grenadines is highly corrupt country and never invest in any company operating there. if you get into trouble no one can help you in any way. more than money you will be wasting time with


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