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    I have been in the Forex market quite a long time, but I have not learned how to trade. Perhaps I just unsuccessfully used my strategy. So I decided to invest. I came across AccentForex by chance, thanks to the IB Partner, with whom I corresponded. I decided to try its PAMM-system on myself. And this gave the result. PAMM-Manager, in whom I invested is very successfull trader. I even chose several PAMM-Managers, if suddenly one of them get loses.
    In Accent Forex I like its attitude to the client. This broker is always polite to communicate, not that some other brokers. I really like its PAMM-system, as I wrote above.
    Problems with the withdrawal did not arise. In general, I’m satisfied.

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    With this broker I work 1.5 years. And at first I doubted to trust them or not. But when I started to work with them, I saw a real profit and withdrawing funds without delay.

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    Trading with accent forex more than a year. No problems with the withdrawals. The same I can say about the registration deposit. My experience as trader began with accentforex and I will continue to trade with. Profit to all!

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    I’m pleased to trade with accent. There are good conditions here. Higt speed of execution of orders, low swaps. Very good bonuses suggestions.

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    Broker, attracting attention with its terms of trade. At the same time, it does not disappoint. Good spreads, low swaps. Processing orders pretty fast, no complaints on this subject.


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