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    henry bird

    DO NOT BE FOOLED BY ACIFX’S GLORIFIED PERFORMANCE PAGE – its a complete con. Robert Ashcroft is not someone who can be trusted to look after your hard-earned money! Fooled by his 100% trade win performance, I invested with him in 2015. Within a few weeks he had opened two BUY USDJPY trades when the pair where at an all time high. Some time later he hedged these losing trades with two SELL trades when the pair were at an all time low.

    Jump forward 2.5 years to 2018, the broker that he insisted should trade my funds on his MAM- DirectFX, went belly up – INSOLVENCY. I closed his hedged trades (after waiting SIX months to get communication from the broker) and have submitted a credit claim to the liquidators for the remaining balance of my funds. The hedged trades left this balance at at 85% DRAWDOWN on the original amount deposited. I doubt I shall receive a penny – the ASIC regulated broker apparently was set up in such a way that, despite appearances, they can walk away with clients funds.

    Despite emails, no explanation has been given by Ashcroft. He simply doesn’t care. What makes matters worse is that he has repeated the whole dire strategy at another broker, FXChoice – open trades are currently running at 72% drawdown. The only thing important to him is that his closed trades reflect a perfect 100% trade win performance. Ashcroft should be banned from trading other peoples funds and I will be reporting the matter to any/ all US/ overseas regulators I can find!

    With Ashcoft you can expect the worst case scenario – you won’t be disappointed!


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